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Press releases

16 February 2016 | Nordea wins Euromoney award for best private banking (pdf, 277 KB)
Euromoney has awarded Nordea as the best provider of private banking services in the Nordic region and the Baltics for the eighth year in a row.

8 February 2016 | Nordea International Private Banking goes live with innovative wealth management platform (pdf, 291 KB)
In early January, Nordea International Private Banking launched Temenos' WealthSuite management solution to modernise the bank's business and build the future relationship bank.

9 December 2015 | Nordea named “Bank of the Year in Western Europe” (pdf, 289 KB) 
Nordea has been named "Bank of the Year in Western Europe" by "The Banker" magazine, setting an important stone for building the future relationship bank. 

12 May 2015 | Nordea Bank S.A. in Luxembourg grows profit with 47.5% (pdf, 296 KB) 
2014 was a year of many changes for the financial sector, and also a time of transformation for Nordea Bank S.A. The Bank made important organisational and business-model adjustments, while strengthening its financial position and market presence.

11 March 2014 | New CEO for Nordea International Private Banking (pdf, 23 KB) 
From 1 May Thorben Sander is appointed new head of Nordea International Private Banking and CEO of Nordea Bank S.A. Thorben Sander will succeed Jhon Mortensen who turned 62 in February and has decided to retire from Nordea after 23 years in his position. Thorben Sander (40) has since 2010 been head of Investment Advice & Brokerage in Nordea.

14 June 2013 | Nordea opens private banking branch in Singapore 
(pdf, 22 KB)
Nordic businesses are growing in Asia and are thereby attracting more Nordic professionals to live and work in the region. The Nordic expatriates in Asia are also staying longer than they used to. Singapore is the centre for private banking in Asia, and Nordea offers private banking services to the growing community of wealthy individuals from its newly opened branch in Singapore.

18 February 2013 |  Nordea's profit in Luxembourg grows with 20 percent (pdf, 27 KB)
Despite sluggish macroeconomic development Nordea Bank S.A. succeeded in expanding its activities in International Private Banking and Global Fund Distribution, as both business lines continued to attract customers and generate inflows of new assets.

28 March 2012 | Growth in turbulent market conditions (pdf, 27 KB)
(pdf, 22 KB)
Despite the European debt crisis and the subsequent turmoil in the financial markets, Nordea Bank S.A. Luxembourg has been able to attract new clients and increase profits.

07 December 2011 | Nordea Bank S.A. donates EUR 10,000 to charity (pdf, 23 KB)
The donation was received by Marc Crochet of the Luxembourg Red Cross. The majority of this money will go towards various local "families in crisis" projects.

17 October 2011 | Nordea acquisition further extends international private banking base (pdf, 23 KB) 
Nordea Bank S.A. has further expanded its international activities by acquiring part of Sydbank's private banking client base in Switzerland.

17 January 2011 | Nordea launches pan-European tax reporting service
(pdf, 25 KB)
Nordea Bank S.A. is now able to provide clients with relevant tax reports, making it one of the very few banks in Luxembourg able to offer this service.