How to complain

We aim for great customer experiences and if you are not satisfied with us we want to know about it.

How to file a complaint

If you are not satisfied, please send us a brief description in writing of the reason for the complaint along with your contact details by post, e-mail or fax. Please find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Escalation process
If you don't receive a response or if you are not satisfied with the response you get, the complaint may be submitted again to: The Head of Risk Management of Nordea Bank S.A. (member of the Executive Management and in charge of complaints). The contact details are the same as for Luxembourg below, but please mark your correspondence "Attn: Head of Risk Management". Please note that this step is not applicable if you are a client in Singapore.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution or response given by the representative of the Executive Management, you can:
Contact information

Nordea Bank S.A.
Compliance Department
562, rue de Neudorf
P.O.Box 562
L-2015 Luxembourg
Email: ul.aedron@ecnailpmoC
Fax: (+352) 43 88 74 38

Nordea Bank S.A. Singapore Branch
Compliance Department
138 Market Street #09-03
Singapore 048946
Email: gs.aedron@aedron (Attn: Compliance Department)
Fax: (+65) 6597 1080