How to become a client

Are you looking for an international financial partner to assist you in growing and managing your wealth?

Do you live outside the Nordic countries or are planning to move abroad?

Would you like investment management and wealth planning fitted to your situation and country of residence?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we would like to meet you.

When we meet you

We would like to get to really know you when we meet. Truly understanding your financial needs and objectives, helps us ensure that we give you the best investment management solutions, witch match your risk appetite.

As an international private bank, compliance is our top priority. Therefore, we will also ask you to provide us with certain documents, such as certificate of tax residence, passport, as well as documented proof that the funds you wish to invest have been declared to the tax authorities in the country of which you are a tax resident.

Our commitment to you

Once you become a client, we will regularly review your situation and adapt our solutions based on your objectives and risk profile. This is how we deliver great customer experiences and build long-term relationships.