Credit cards

Information regarding your Credit cards.

Important information regarding your credit cards

We want to remind you that our credit card services will be terminated by 31 December 2018. Please observe that your credit card(s) will not be working after this date.
If you return the credit card, cut into pieces, before 31 December 2018 we will only maintain the guarantee for a one month period, as opposed to the legally stipulated three months guarantee.
If you have any questions concerning the above please contact us by email at ul.aedron@troppusaedron or call us on +352 43 88 76 40.

Service numbers

Call these service numbers 24/7 whenever you need help with your credit card.

Card blocking
  • SIX PAYMENT SERVICES (Europe): +352 49 10 10
Gold and Platinum
  • SIX PAYMENT SERVICES (Europe): +352 49 10 10
  • MasterCard Global Services: +1 636 722 7111 and +1-800-MASTERCARD (In USA)
  • AXA Assistance Centre: +352 27 860 218
World Elite
  • MasterCard Gateway: +352 24 87 16 90

MasterCard and 3D Secure

As of 25 April 2016, all our MasterCards became "3D Secure" and can be used for payments on websites displaying the logo “MasterCard® SecureCode™”. The service is free of charge and is automatically incorporated in current cards.

To begin using 3D Secure, please activate your card here: in new window

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Your 3D Secure password is case sensitive. So when using the password after registration, you have to input the exact same characters.
  • When you register, your mobile phone number will be listed with an external service provider. Your phone number will only be used for the purpose of providing the 3D Secure service. It will not be transmitted to or shared with any other third party and will only be registered for the purpose of securing your online payments.
  • The bank will never contact you by email regarding 3D Secure. Should you receive an email requesting information about your card or your 3D Secure password, please do not respond to the mail and report it to your Wealth Partner.

    If you have any difficulties registering or using the 3D Secure feature, please contact MasterCard SIX Payment Services Help Desk on +352 26 37 59 06 from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00.