Investment solutions

We offer a range of investment solutions that can be combined to meet your specific needs. The precise combination depends on how much time you want to spend investing and how intensively you wish to participate in investment decisions. As a complement to these solutions, we also offer various products that can be customised to fit your financial plan.

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Portfolio management

If you don’t have the time or desire to participate directly in the investment process, but still want professional and individual asset management, portfolio management is the ideal solution for you.

Portfolio management is “discretionary”. That means our portfolio managers invest and manage financial assets on your behalf at their discretion by following clearly defined investment objectives.

We will make sure to provide you with a clear definition of the expected returns and risks in your portfolio over a period of time, based on your personal risk profile. Specifically, we aim to provide you with our view of how your portfolio is expected to develop, so that we can help ensure your expectations are met.

We offer three ways to manage your portfolio assets, depending on where and how you would like us to invest.

Why choose Classic Portfolio Management?

With our Classic Portfolio Management offer you get the benefit of Nordea's investment strategy, combined with our experienced portfolio managers' skills in selecting  individual securities.

Our portfolio managers invest in those individual securities within each asset class that they believe offer the best return potential. We continuously monitor the financial markets and adjust the asset allocation and the securities in your portfolio whenever necessary. 

  • Creation of investment returns - we look for the best securities to invest in within each asset class in an effort to create additional return for our clients. Investment returns are,  therefore, determined both by the developments in the financial markets and the security selection skills of our portfolio managers. 
  • Access to global investment expertise - the primary expertise of our portfolio management team lies in the selection of bonds and equities from Europe and the US. For other markets, we choose best-in-class investment funds. In this way, we are able to offer you optimal investment opportunities in every segment of the global financial marketplace.
  • Security selection - in order to find potentially attractive investments, we examine not only the general prospects of each business sector and geographical region, but also the relative prospects of companies or issuers within those sectors and regions. 
  • Active management - your investment is managed on a discretionary basis by our experienced portfolio managers, who continuously monitor the financial markets and implement the appropriate investment strategy on your behalf.

Download the Classic Portfolio Management fact sheet
(pdf, 578 KB)


Multi-Manager Solution

Our Multi-Manager Solution offers you the benefits of Nordea’s investment strategy, combined with the expertise of some of the world’s best fund managers.

Our Multi-Manager team analyses a universe of more than 61,000 investment funds to select the best-in-class managers to invest in.

We will then invested your portfolio in these funds, in line with the investment strategy that we have agreed with you. Depending on your needs, there are several options available:

  • Conservative, Balanced or Aggressive profile, each of which contains an appropriate mix of funds that invest in a variety of securities and markets.
  • Total Return profile, which provides portfolio stability in volatile times and aims to deliver consistent positive returns in all market conditions.
  • Equity profile, which focuses purely on equity funds.

You can invest in the Multi-Manager Solution either via a discretionary portfolio management mandate or a UCITS Fund of Funds.

Download the Multi-Manager Portfolio Management fact sheet (pdf, 583 KB)

Download material on the UCITS Fund of Funds:

Download Key Investor Information Document (KIID) from - Investments Fund (Go to Download Centre - Choose tab KIID/ Prospectus - Select 'Nordea fund of Funds SICAV' as fund company - And select the country you are resident in.)


Tactical Allocation Solution

Our Tactical Allocation Solution offers an investment in global financial markets where the focus is strongly on the overall asset classes and market movements – not on stock picking.

  • Active management - our investment specialists monitor the investments, adapt them to market conditions and manage the risk of the overall portfolio. In terms of individual holdings, the focus is on index-tracking securities.
  • Index-tracking securities aim to replicate the returns of the respective indices that they track. The advantage of using index trackers, therefore, is that investors are only exposed to the risk inherent in the relevant index.
  • Focus on asset allocation - academic studies have shown that the asset allocation decision is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s performance. Our Tactical Allocation Solution is based on this principle and focuses solely on asset allocation for providing the appropriate return profile for clients.

You can invest in the Tactical Allocation Solution either through a discretionary portfolio management mandate or a UCITS Fund of Funds. The Tactical Allocation Solution is available in two risk variations: Conservative and Balanced.

Download material for the UCITS Fund of Funds:


Active trading

If you are an investor who trades frequently, Nordea Active Trading is the service for you. 

In addition to being an efficient execution service, the team of trading partners offers you the analysis and trading ideas of experienced professionals. Active Trading provides thoroughly researched investment suggestions, as well as access to a wide range of markets, currencies and investment products.

Fact sheet (pdf, 1 MB)

The Active Trading team (pdf, 321 KB)

Terms and conditions (pdf, 113 KB)

Execution service

Execution service

You may have your own good ideas about what to buy or sell, but in today’s volatile markets, having fast and reliable access to an execution service with an open platform is equally important. Our team of experienced traders covers European and US markets throughout the trading session and is just a phone call away.

Our Execution Service gives you direct access to our experienced traders which means fast and reliable access to international financial markets. Our traders use a large international platform of brokers for bonds, equities and derivative products to get the best possible price for you.

Download the Execution Service fact sheet (pdf, 450 KB)

Investment products

Structured products

Our clients have access to a wide range of structured products.

A structured product is a flexible and tailor-made investment alternative that allows exposure to multiple asset classes, currencies and risk profiles. Risk and return potential differs across products ranging from a fully capital protected investment with a lower return potential to a full-risk investment with a higher return potential.

You can read more about our structured products here

Outstanding structured notes

It’s all about better service, products and returns

Whatever asset class, geographical region, industry or management style you may be interested in, the chances are that we have a fund that fits your requirements.

Catering to all tastes
Nordea Investment Funds S.A.'s award-winning range comprises sub-funds, investing in a variety of instrument types and geographical regions, as well as a selection of traditional and alternative investment styles.

Nordea multi-boutique strategy
To deliver the best possible return for a given level of risk, we have two distinct categories within our fund range. 

  • Core products: these include funds that are managed with the aim of providing an above-benchmark return, but within certain predefined boundaries in order to avoid assuming too much risk. 
  • Alpha strategies: here the funds are run in a way that allows our own boutique asset managers a high degree of independence in order to maximise investment returns.

Internal boutiques
Internally, we have established segregated teams for key asset classes, allowing each team to focus on its primary activity: managing money. However, it is almost impossible for an asset manager to create alpha in all asset classes and regions using purely internal resources. In order to provide the best possible investment solutions for you, we have decided to team up with external asset management boutiques.

External boutiques
Employing a multi-boutique approach enhances the quality of our broad and diversified range of products. It also means that we can use the services of some of the world’s leading investment management companies on an exclusive basis. At the same time, we retain the flexibility to add boutiques when new investment opportunities arise or market needs dictate. The result? A wider choice of investment solutions by combining the capabilities of each boutique.

Combining scale with expertise
The success of this model comes from combining a boutique investment approach with the scale and stability of a larger organisation. We have positioned our boutiques around centralised support functions, such as client relationship services and product development. This structure gives a single point of entry to any of our boutiques and covers a wide range of listed asset classes and risk/return profiles.

Keep track of our funds' performance

Investment loans

Investment loans, one of our most common range of loan products, enable you to leverage your invested capital. Provided you are prepared to pay the price of borrowing the extra capital, an investment loan can boost the potential returns from an existing portfolio. You should be aware, however, that it will also increase portfolio risk.