Investment strategy

What is the right portfolio for you? We will map your investment needs and define your investment and risk profile before helping you build it, based on your preferences as an investor.

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How we help you meet your investment goals

How your wealth is allocated among various asset classes has a great bearing on achieving your investment goals.

We will map your investment needs and preferences to determine the long-term composition of different asset classes in your portfolio. This ensures that you can successfully meet your long-term investment goals as the allocation between risky and less risky assets can explain more than 90% of the risk and return in your portfolio.

There are three key steps to this process:

  • Determine how much risk you feel comfortable with in your portfolio.
  • Decide with you which asset classes to include. It’s generally good to have a well-diversified portfolio with exposure to many asset classes to reduce long-term risk without diminishing long-term return.
  • Decide on the specific investment vehicles to use in order to achieve the exposure to the asset classes chosen.

After that, we regularly review your portfolio to make sure it’s still on track and make adjustments as necessary.

Tactical investment advice

How we add value to your investments

Once we have the right mix of long-term assets in place to match your risk profile, we take a tactical investment approach. This aims to exploit shorter-term market opportunities and add further value to your portfolio by adjusting it according to our market outlook. 

We continuously monitor and evaluate six main parameters for how asset classes will behave:

  • business cycle;
  • monetary policy and liquidity;
  • earnings;
  • valuation;
  • currencies;
  • sentiment.

Based on this evaluation, we provide recommendations on which asset classes, equity regions and bond segments to favour. These recommendations are summarised in our monthly Global Asset Allocation Strategy. 

This is not about picking individual securities, however, as this comes in the next stage in your dialogue with your Wealth Partner.