Private Banking

Private Banking International

Nordea Bank S.A. has recently sold part of its private banking operation to UBS Europe SE. If your account has been transferred to UBS as part of this transaction, please contact UBS directly. The remaining operation in Luxembourg, together with its branch in Singapore is being wound down. If you still have an account with Nordea Bank S.A. you will hear from us about the next steps. If you have any questions about the winding down process or about your account, please contact us.

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Important information regarding your credit cards

We want to remind you that our credit card services will be terminated by 31 December 2018. Please observe that your credit card(s) will not be working after this date.
If you return the credit card, cut into pieces, before 31 December 2018 we will only maintain the guarantee for a one month period, as opposed to the legally stipulated three months guarantee.
If you have any questions concerning the above please contact us by email at ul.aedron@troppusaedron or call us on +352 43 88 76 40.